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PearlMountain Offers Simple Online Picture Resizing

New, free online picture resizer PearlMountain was launched as a web app which serves as an online image resizer and online image converter that resizes and changes the format of digital images so that these images could be used on social media profiles as well as for smartphones and other uses.


The web app includes presets for resizing images to meet the standards of Facebook and various smartphone formats, as well as suggested formats for E-mail and websites. In addition, users of this online image resizer can select a size of their own choosing, and the online image converter function allows for flipping and rotation of the uploaded image along with the resizing process. With this picture resizing software, resize picture is so easy and fast.

Once the image is uploaded and the desired settings are chosen, the online picture resizer quickly converts the image as necessary, and it is easily downloaded to the user's computer as a clear JPEG image that is ideal for web or smartphone use. A fully-featured batch image converter which resizes 100 different types of images and can be used for multiple image conversion is downloadable free of charge from the PearlMountain site.


With social media becoming more and more important for displaying pictures that are needed for both personal and business communication, PearlMountain provides a vital service free of charge. It obviates the need for complex photo editing and graphics software for conversion of images that are intended for display on social media sites and other Internet applications. The simple online image resizer functions are more than sufficient for the typical social media participant who needs to convert scanned or downloaded pictures, ranging from product logos to baby pictures. When more complex features are necessary, the downloadable free software version provides all necessary functions while remaining easy to use.


PearlMountain is tested for safety and reliability, and is compatible with Windows 7 and all major browsers. This utility is highly useful for occasional as well as advanced social media and smartphone users who need access to an online image converter which makes their digital images ready for their chosen platforms.


Pricing and Availability
PearlMountain Image Resizer Online is compatible with WindowsXP, 2000, Vista, 7 and is free for non-commercial use. Further information is available at the product page.


Product page: http://www.batchimageconverter.com/online/index.html
Company website: http://www.batchimageconverter.com


Founded in 2006, PearlMountain Technology Co., Ltd is a software development company specializing in high quality image processing software. Its major product is PearlMountain Image Resizer. For more information please visit the company website.


Press contacts:
David Lin
CEO, PearlMountain Technology Co., Ltd
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