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How to Watermark Web Images


Watermark is an image, a text or other patterns that appear on your image, and is actually embedded into the image. A watermark in the image is used to stop someone from taking your images, when you are sharing pictures on the web, adding watermark to images may be one option to identify them as your own artwork and prevent people from copying them. Watermarking is one of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure your images are secure on the web. Aside from protecting the images, you should also learn how to add watermark to images. PearlMountain Image Resizer Pro allows you to apply watermarks with no efforts to as many pictures as you want. The following provides the detailed description of creating watermark photos, just simply follow the process below and you can add watermark in photos.


Make Settings

Before adding watermark to images, it’s important to load all the images that you want to add watermark in, and then choose one image format that is suitable for you to upload to web, resize, rename and adjust corrections can also be taken into consideration.


Add Image Watermark

Switch to Watermark tab, the Image Watermark opened, it’s time that you added image watermark, browse for your disk to select the needed image and check Add Image box, then the image watermark will be displayed in the photos automatically. Moreover, you can set the alignment, rotation and opacity of the watermark, meanwhile, you could preview the effect in the preview area as you make adjustment, use your imagination to its fullest ability until the project meets your satisfaction.


Add Text Watermark

Click Text Watermark, check Add Text box and input some specific information for protection, you can use your file name, your company name or your website. No matter what use, this will still serve its purpose. To being specific, it gives more options for you to set the font, font color, style and the edge parameters. When you set the alignment, simply drag the text to any place as you like or select one of line preset alignment. You can adjust Rotate and Opacity for your need and you’ll preview the eventually effects in the preview area.


Save and Convert

When you have finished adding watermark, browse for a destination folder and start converting process, after conversion, all the converted images with watermark will be found in the destination folder, then you can upload your images on your web and not be afraid of copying.


Original image


Watermark image


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