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CRW Image Format


Format Name 

Filename extension

Canon photo RAW CRW

.crw, .ciff


CRW is the file extension for Canon RAW file format. CRW is the name of this unprocessed and uncompressed RAW file format that Canon uses for its digital cameras. The Canon RAW file format is based on the CIFF (Camera Image File Format) format. Its structure is very similar TIFF’s in the sense that its directories point to data within the file. The only difference is that whereas TIFF’s offsets are absolute, CRW’s are at the beginning of the data block for each directory.


*.raw file type is supported by this model:

  • Canon EOS-10
  • Canon EOS-10D
  • Canon EOS-300D
  • Canon EOS-D30
  • Canon EOS-D60
  • Canon PowerShot 600
  • Canon PowerShot A5 Zoom
  • Canon PowerShot G1
  • Canon PowerShot G2
  • Canon PowerShot G3
  • Canon PowerShot G5
  • Canon PowerShot G6
  • Canon PowerShot Pro1
  • Canon PowerShot S45
  • Canon PowerShot S50
  • Canon PowerShot S70




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